1998 | Producer -- A comedic account of a Russian-Jewish family in turmoil. Jimmy's 85-year-old grandmother, Maryasha, finds herself in trouble when she steps up to defend her youngest grandson who owes a gambling debt to the local card-playing thugs.  Kartenspieler, written and directed by Chantal Marie, has won numerous awards in film festivals around the United States. Also, Kartenspieler has aired on PBS in multiple cities in the United States. Principal cast includes: Shifra Lerer and Marty Ingels.


WINNER Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival Bronze Award for Best Original Comedy
WINNER Brooklyn Film Festival Best Jewish-American Filmmaker
WINNER Brooklyn Film Festival Best Narrative with a Jewish-American Theme
WINNER Brainwash Movie Festival First Prize

Film Festival Screenings

  • Worldfest Houston International Film Festival
  • Brooklyn Film Festival
  • Santa Monica Independent Film Festival / Moxie!
  • New Orleans Film and Video Festival
  • Long Beach Film Festival
  • Malibu Film Festival
  • Shorts Welcome Online Film Festival (Germany)
  • Deep Ellum Film Festival
  • Brainwash Movie Festival (Oakland, CA)

Other Screenings

  • Channel 10 - West Hollywood
  • PBS
  • Cinema Lounge - IFP/LA