The Memory of Water


Gina G. Goff and Sadia Ashraf are producing the romance and family crime drama television series The Memory of Water, adapted by Sadia for an American audience from the hit Turkish series, Fatmagul (2010 - 2012) an Ay Yapim Production. With 340 Million global viewers, we have a built-in audience and awareness of this series. Fatmagul sold in 75 countries and was translated in 48 languages. 

Sadia is a screenwriter for film and television, as well as an author of numerous Amazon bestsellers and Indie Romance awards. She is the screenwriter of the thriller film, Harbor Haven, and the creator of Time and Tide (BBC), a British period TV drama, and the writer and creator of the mini series A Girl in Istanbul. Sadia has edited several indie film scripts, and has consulted with several television programs, working with networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, Discovery, TLC, etc. She has also worked on foreign TV adaptations at Intrigue Entertainment and serves on the board of Bring Hollywood Back and Cinespots. A UCLA and Loyola alum, she is currently developing three new series projects.

Log Line:  An assault victim becomes empowered and fights her perpetrators in court, as her legal battle becomes a national debate.

In Development