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Gina G. Goff and Alan Cooksey are producing the country musical movie Jukebox, written by Billy Jack Tinker. This romance drama follows the story of three close friends since grade school as young adults pursuing their dreams and trying to navigate life, love and the music business, while hanging out at the Yellow Rose bar with the charismatic owner, an eccentric patron and a magical jukebox. Our audience will laugh, cry and sing along to this charming story. Be inspired to make your dreams come true!

This musical movie already has 11 original songs written and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee by Billy Jack Tinker, which will be shot like a music video on the movie set and later released on iHeart Radio and CMT. There are already major corporate sponsors on board. The movie is slated to be filmed in Texas.

Log Line:  A magical mystical jukebox that foresees the future of lost souls and guides them to their destiny.

In Development