Cayman Heat


Gina G. Goff and producing legends Bob Katz and Stewart Till are producing the erotic thriller crime drama series Cayman Heat, adapted by Lawrence Riggins from the best selling novel Cayman Heat by Connie Reeves Cooke.

This original series is something we have not seen before. It fuses the one hour Cerebral Detective Procedural to a backdrop of Sexy Hedonism to form Action Packed Erotic Thrillers. Our sexy millennial female lead Detective Koral Sanders is a feminist balancing self-destruction alcoholism and nymphomania with the powerful mental acuity and crippling schizophrenia endured by Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. Her improvised hallucinations provide vivid visual brainstorming, and she uses empathetic pain and pleasure to develop detailed criminal profiles. Koral’s genius and overzealousness gets her into lots of trouble, however she is hilarious and offensive, but her brutal honesty makes her the most trusted person on the Islands.

Log Line:  A mentally gifted emotionally troubled young American woman who numbs her pain with extreme addictions to alcohol, tobacco and sex is recruited as a detective by a British police chief mentor who hopes she will blossom into his Sherlock Holmes.  

Think Fifty Shades of Gray meets Hawaii Five-O.

In Development