Graham T. McClusky | Director of Technology

Graham T. McClusky, was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He spent his childhood living overseas in Bangkok, El Salvador, Sana'a, Nouakchott, and Dakar while his father worked for USAID, as a Foreign Service Officer.

Graham received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University in 1997, and has worked professionally on several indie and large studio films in Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC. Graham has contributed creatively in a variety of roles to several films including Girl Play, Out at the Wedding, SkewHeavy Put-Away, and Senior Moment. Graham has also served in various production jobs on large studio films including X-Men 3, Final Destination 3, and Cellular. In addition to production experience, Graham has contributed his many creative talents to various feature films by designing posters for Dropped, Girl Play, and Out at the Wedding. Graham has also enjoyed small roles in films, and has even put his still photography skills to use shooting behind the scenes stills for Girl Play.  Graham is an executive producer of the feature film Senior Moment

Beyond his creative talents, Graham also has a strong background in technology.  His first home computer was an Osborne 1, and he founded his own technology consulting firm in 2001.  He started working with Goff Productions in 2003, and is now an integral part of our multi-talented creative team.