Producers Gina G. Goff and Rene Sheridan have optioned the original drama/mystery television series Morvicti, based on the best-selling book series, created and written by  Lee Swift and Lana McLemore.  This mother and son writing duo have written award winning novels that have made it to bestseller lists and garnered amazing reviews.  Lee was originally discovered by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in the original Project Greenlight on HBO and has gone onto write 52 published novels, is a playwright and co-hosts a popular podcast on iTunes, downloaded in 35 countries.

Morvicti is an original and fascinating series that will take viewers on a journey and make us all question our DNA and the existence of other living species.  This series has huge international appeal and is set in current day London.  It has the tone of Penny Dreadful, the feel of Orphan Black with a drop of True Blood.

Log Line:  When DNA from another species “Morvicti” is found living within our society, it is discovered that their power and influence reach into every part of civilization and threaten our existence!